For The Kids: Exploring Butterfly Creek


For The Kids: Exploring Butterfly Creek

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Keeping kids entertained can sometimes be a tricky situation when traveling, but sometimes a good energizing activity during the day can be the perfect answer to wear them out so you can enjoy the night! In this blog we will look at the extremely popular Butterfly creek, a children’s paradise that’s a perfect outlet for energetic little ones.

Located by the Auckland Airport, Butterfly Creek was opened by Husband and Wife duo John Dowsett and Fiona Turner in 2003 and has since grown into a paradise that features a handful of activities that has earnt it such a renowned reputation in the city of sales.

Butterfly Creek labels itself half a zoo and half an attraction, the zoo label is not taken lightly! Butterfly Creek hosts a plethora of critters including otters, monkeys, crocodiles, reptiles, farm animals, native birds and insects and (of course) a butterfly house! There is also plenty of opportunities for children to get in and meet the many animals, with daily encounters every day. You can also travel across the park on a train, so you can take time off your feet, but still have time to take everything in!

One of the most Interesting parts of the zoo is the Dinosaur Kingdom, yes you read that right, take a trip back in time to the prehistoric times that features of sixty dinosaurs – including huge, life-size animatronic dinosaurs! The attraction is also a learning experience for children that includes facts, fossils and ample opportunities for photos!

If you are still up for adventure after Butterfly creek, then right next-door is the company’s sister attraction, Rocket Ropes, which features a handful of rope and climbing course for all ages to enjoy.

So if you want to treat the kids to an original experience that they will enjoy, and full wear them out, give Butterfly creek a visit – and reap the benefits!