Exploring the Howick Historical Village


Exploring the Howick Historical Village

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Ask any local what is the best activity to do in the area and they will direct you to the Howick historical village, this trip back in time has become an institution of the Auckland region and enjoyable for all-ages, weather you are a kid wanting to step in a magical portal back I time, or a history buff wanting to learn about the early days of New Zealand, Howick historical village of for you, and we will explore just why that is!

The history of Howick

Howick was founded by Governor Captain George Grey originally as a fencible, a chain of villages around the southern aspect of Auckland established to maintain defense to Auckland from any form of attack. Retired soldiers and their families would emigrate to NZ under the fencible scheme which required them to be under 48 years of age and of ‘good character and industrious habits’. They were given a small passage of land and would set up a cottage.

The historical village now acts as a ‘living museum’ that offers a glimpse of what this settlement was like during these times. Visitors are able to walk through the doors of real homes and experience how the early settlers would have lived as they went about their daily activities.

The Experience

Once a month the historical village puts on “Meet the Villagers” Live Days where you are able to watch history unfold around you as actors inhabit the entire space in character. These days are produced every third Sunday in the month (subject to change) and features volunteers who don period costume and set about performing the daily chores and activities of early Howick settlers.

On most “Meet the Villagers” Live Days you will find a marching band, soldier military drills, an educational exhibition that relates to that month’s theme, an opportunity to play Victorian Era games, and a horse and carriage.

The historical village also features a museum shop and homestead café, the museum is a one of a kind shop that sells gifts that are tailor made to the era: old fashioned toys, Beatrix Potter Memorabilia, inexpensive jewelry, Lavender and rose scented items, or just some good old-fashioned sweets!

The homestead café offers genuine home cooking in a colonial setting, In keeping with the old world charm and character of the heritage building, the food reflects good home-cooked fare.