Deviate from The Norm – Four Quirky Activities to Do in Auckland


Deviate from The Norm – Four Quirky Activities to Do in Auckland

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Meal and Meows – Cat Café

We all love to eat and drink, and Auckland is famous for its bevy of restaurants and Cafes that can cater to all different food types, views, and décor. But two Cafés in the city have taken things a bit FURRther (heh) and thrown in the experience of having friendly cats surround you for company!

This may seem strange, it’s an odd marriage, cats, and food, but since opening these cafes have become extremely popular, filling out daily and making headlines across the country. And I’m not underselling the popularity here, these cafes can become so popular that sometimes booking ahead is recommended!

But down worry about getting fur and such in your food, the Cafes are separated into two rooms, one for ordering and eating, and another to visit the furry friends.

The cats are all adopted rescues as well, which adds the wholesome value!

The Cat Lounge is located at 173A Archers Rd, Hillcrest, Auckland. 0800 228 223

Barista Cats Café is located in central Auckland at 95 Queen St, Auckland. +64 9-379 8966


Get Locked in A Room and Try to Escape

Okay, hear us out on this one – it’s a lot more exciting than it seems! Many of you will be coming to the big city to take in the sights and sounds, but sometimes the weather can change our plans at the last minute, but if you are here with a group of people then a Great Escape room can be the most exciting last minute decision you can make!

The premise is simple: you and your group get locked in a room with an hour to get yourselves out by solving a series of puzzles! This is a great bonding experience for friends and family that requires creativity, common sense and a good sense of humor!

If that doesn’t already get you excited, you also have a choice of four different rooms to choose from: Prison Break, the Psych Ward, Dreams of Alice and the World War II inspired Behind the Enemy Lines.

Great Escape is located at 28 Lorne St, Auckland.


Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Nothing brings a group of friends together than running for your lives from the undead, and that’s exactly what Auckland Can offer!

This fully immersive experience will drop you in course catered for your escape, including a stage set or forest as actors dressed in special effects makeup scare the bejeezus out of you!

Bookings are essential for this one, so get in quick!


Go for A Catered Walk

Anyone who has ever traveled will tell you that the best knowledge and experience you can get is from locals – there is just some things that travel blogs just don’t know (but do check out our blogs, we know a fair bit!).

This is why you can’t miss out on a walking tour of Auckland! This unique and fun way of exploring the city is perfect for those who want to discover the inner creaks and crevices while learning a little bit about the city along the way.  

The Aucky Walky tour takes you deeps into the city showcasing many of its hidden gems including local food destinations, parks and galleries while giving a detailed history of the city including Maori settlements and how it became New Zealand’s biggest City.

This is a great experience for your first day in the city as the advice you’ll be given will help make the rest of stay in Auckland that much richer.