Wet Weather Alternative – Auckland’s Best Boutique Cinemas


Wet Weather Alternative – Auckland’s Best Boutique Cinemas

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Some things are just out of your control, you may have planned a great getaway to visit Auckland with many outdoor activities planned only to be met with Auckland famous bad weather surprises.

But we won’t let that stop you and we have a great back up plan especially tailor-made for you – a movie night. But since you have traveled all the way to visit us, we aren’t going to send you to just any old cinema, we have gone and done some research to bring you some of the best boutique and historical cinemas in Auckland for you to explore.

Academy Cinemas

Indie, secretive, cheap and underground are just some of the buzzwords we can use to pitch you Academy Cinemas in a nutshell. Although smaller in size compared to a lot of other cinemas, Academy’s cozy ambience has a charm like no other. The experience is intimate and this little arthouse screens some cult classics and indie gems that you need to get amongst. They also have five dollar films on Wednesdays.

The Vic

Situated in quaint little Devonport is this independently run cinema with a rich history. Established in 1912, The Vic has become a local favorite amongst locals but don’t let that ancient age make you think it hasn’t been well looked after. The Vic has everything you need from comfy seating, big screens, 3D system. And it wouldn’t be a Devonport institution without gelato – which is also available.

Bridgeway Cinema

Bridgeway Cinema is an absolute gem located on the North Shore and is renowned for being one of the most original cinemas in town! The second tiny boutique cinema on our list, Bridgeways consists of the four theatre spaces, each with their own individual flavour. Bridgeway also allows you to hire out a whole cinema room – so if you are traveling with a large group – you can make your movie viewing experience more exclusive.

Hollywood Cinema

Located in West Auckland is the nostalgia-filled, old-fashioned Hollywood Cinema. Which features old-school additions including velvet carpets and curtains and an organ, which, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see someone actually play it.

Monterey Cinemas

Built in 1930, Monterey Cinemas has become a landmark of East Auckland, and is located in right here in Howick so you wont have to go far. Monterey Cinema provides all the things that create the formula to the ideal movie experience. They have cake and coffee on offer before you watch your movie, the staple popcorn and most importantly, wine which you can take into the cinema. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, wait till you see their in-house pizza menu—it is not to be missed!

Waiheke Cinema

Being located close to a ferry terminal, why not make your movie viewing experience that little more adventurous and head over to Waiheke Island to visit this cute local cinema. Make the most of your evening and taste some of the wine on offer on this island, or some of the award winning restaurants and then close it off with a movie at this iconic cinema which not only showcases the latest blockbusters, but also some documentaries made by locals on the island.