Picnic spots and secret stops part one: Breweries


Picnic spots and secret stops part one: Breweries

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Sometimes it is hard to decide where to eat, with a pleather of options in the city it can become a daunting task. In this two-part blog, we are going to explore different ways of enjoying food by looking at some of Auckland’s hidden gems and setting that takes a bit of exploring and travel to find!

One thing this country, and city, is proud of is its breweries, so we had to dedicate part one of the blog to Auckland best secret breweries.

Sawmill Brewery

Our first one is a bit of a drive, all the way out to Matakana in fact, but trust me when I say its worth the drive. Sawmill has thrived in popularity as one of the cities greatest export, and now it can also add a mouth-watering restaurant to that list – because a good beer should always be paired with a good feed. Their free-range selection also adds a bonus wholesome reason to visit.

Hallertau Brewery

Located in the heart of Riverhead boast another one of New Zealand’s finest craft beer breweries. But trust me when I say these guys know beer, and know what to pair well with beer, as their bustling restaurant flaunts dishes made with ingredients sourced from their on-site garden, so you know you’ll be eating the freshest food and drinking the freshest beer!

But no brewery is complete without a large Biergarten (that’s German for beer garden) and while you enjoy the adult playground that is the brewery, the kids can enjoy the on-site children’s playground as well. This venue is often filled with live music and plenty of banter, so be sure not to skip out on this one.

Brothers Beer

This brewery has been said to be the best in Auckland, but we will leave that one up to you to judge and you have the choice between two locations to travel too. The first is in the heart of the city in Auckland’s city Works Depot that features eighteen freshly crafted beer on tap and over two hundred bottles of beer to choose from. The location is great to soak in those afternoon sun rays after a day of exploring and try some of their popular pizza’s while you’re there.

But that’s not your only option, if you want to avoid the hustle-and-bustle of the city centre then hidden away in an unsuspecting suburban street in Mt. Eden is the Brother Beer Juke Joint BBQ. This second location pairs the freshly brewed craft beer with mouth-watering BBQ such as pork ribs, brisket, slaw, buns and homemade sauce. And with a huge courtyard made for large groups, this is a hidden gem well worth sharing.