Not-Your-Usual Destination: Holey Moley


Not-Your-Usual Destination: Holey Moley

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Welcome to our new blog series, Not-Your-Usual destination which is our focus on the things in Auckland with a little flair, a little quirkiness and something extra to give you and your family a little something unique to help solidify the memory of your holiday. This series will dive deep into some of Auckland’s more hidden and unknown gems to give you a taste of what to expect if you explore the strange!

This month we look at the new bar that’s been making waves across social media and lifestyle blogs in the past months, but when we say bar, we mean that lightly as this is much more than a bar and restaurant – Holey Moley is an experience. Why you ask? Because it also doubles as a mini-golf course.

Yes, you read that right, after making waves in Australia, this playground for adults has reached the shores of the city of sales. Situated on the stunning Viaduct Harbour, next to Parasoul & Swing you will walk in and instantly stop at the bar, and don’t think for a minute that because of it’s title and makeup that this bar is lacking, because it isn’t. You’ll find a wide selection of mouth-watering cocktails—choose from the Caddy Classics or the House Signatures. They have taken what has worked in Australia and brought it over with a local twist and fresh fruity flavors that can include peach liqueur, passion fruit, lime and apple juice, decorated with such youthful wonders like a lolly kebab of jet planes and Eskimos or rainbow strips.

The nostalgia doesn’t stop there, the bar is also furnished with a Simpsons couch and Flinstone’s car, ripe for selfie-taking to show off the experience. From there its time to par the course – grab some tokens for a ball, and your mini putt and get ready to make your way through an adventure to remember!

The downstairs includes two nine-hole courses, with each hole more insane than the next. Think to try to get a hole-in-one in themes that include an Operation board, Hobbiton hole, crazy clown hole and an ET hole—you can hop on the bike with ET, or later on you can sit on a Harley Davidson. Upstairs isn’t lacking either, you’ll find another bar, Jaws, and a sitting room with images of iconic Kiwis from your childhood.

The food is also great, including some American classic like hotdog pizza, burgers, prawns and don’t worry, there is also a huge selection of vegan options available as well. Open seven days, you have no excuse to miss what will become of Auckland best new quirky attractions.