Exploring South Auckland Adventure Parks


Exploring South Auckland Adventure Parks

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One of the greatest things about being located out south is the handful of adventure parks hidden around the area! Many visitors may only know about Rainbows end, but today I’m going to let you in on some local favorites that the whole family can get into!

Pirate Themed Adventure Golf

Declaring themselves as New Zealand’s first adventure golf company, this pirate-themed miniature golf attraction has become the pride of South Auckland since 1997. The company remove the tediousness of mini golf and adds some excitement by curating all their courses around a pirate theme.

As you embark on the game you will have the opportunity to putt over pirate ships, past cascading waterfalls, through haunted treasure caves and past shark-infested waters. Adventure Golf appeals to all ages and is an excellent way for the whole family to get out and make the most of a nice day, have some laughs and a little healthy competition!

Lock and Load with Some Paintball

If mini golf is just a little too slow and you want a little bit more excitement in your day then look no further than Lock and Load Adventures! This adventure park features paintball in four themed courses, laser tag, and archery! Paintball is the most popular option as you get to navigate and shoot paint at your friends and family through your choice of courses including D-Day landing, Area 51 and Dawn of the Dead graveyard! Other options include bow and arrow tag (with soft arrows), laser tag battles in the arena or archery practice for all you Robin Hood’s out there!

White Water in the City

Keep the adrenaline pumping and cool off with a crazy whitewater rafting experience in the heart of South Auckland! Vector Wero is Auckland first white whitewater adventure park that features two white water rafting courses and 9,000 square meters of beautifully clear water to explore, it’s a thrill seekers playground. This is perfect for thrill-seeking families and can be enjoyed by kids as well!

There’s more than just white water rafting as well, the park also includes paddling and pizza by the lake (it’s as fun as it sounds), as well as the option to hire a hire a kayak or Stand-Up Paddleboard, race down rapids or take on the world’s highest man-made waterfall. Whether you want to get your adrenaline fix or just paddle in the water – this is one not to be missed!