Make the Most of Summer in Howick


Make the Most of Summer in Howick

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Summer is finally here, and if you are planning to spend some time with us out east and want to get out and enjoy the sun, then you are in a prime location! Whether it is getting active, lounging in the sun or seeing what nature has to offer, we have a list of unique ways to get out in the summer sun in East Auckland:

Catch A ferry, Enjoy the Water!

Being located so close to the ferry terminals mean that you are just a smooth ride from a lot of popular destinations, including Waiheke Island and Rangitoto. For the perfect afternoon turned evening, hop on the ferry to Half Moon Bay, where you’ll be able to stroll along the marina before grabbing a bite to eat at Grangers, one of the most popular restaurants out east!

Pack a Picnic, Take in The Views

If you are looking for a decent walk, stunning views, and a DIY lunch, then we can’t recommend starting your day strolling along the Pohutukawa Coast Trail, which wins you through most of East Auckland. This magnificent 5km walkway will take you from Whitford all the way to Umupuia, just a 10-minute walk from Clevedon. From there, we’d suggest taking a picnic and setting up under a tree at Omana Regional Park and take in the stunning views of Rangitoto and Motuihe islands. End your day by enjoying a post-meal afternoon stroll from Half Moon Bay to Bucklands Beach and if it’s a hot day, take a dip into the sun-soaked waters!

Adventure, With a Sprinkle of History

Speaking of the water, if you’re into kayaking and want to get out on the water and learn a little something on the way, we have the perfect adventure for you. Embark on the multi-day, self-guided kayaking tour along Te Ara Moana. Meaning ‘the sea-going pathway’ in Māori, this route is rich in history and was once used for traveling between settlements. The trip takes five days and will see you set off from Omana Regional Park in Maraetai and ending up at Waharau Regional Park.

Spends Some Time with the Animals Of East Auckland

A great day trip idea if you have the wee ones with you is to take them to the many places to see and pet the many animals out east! First, we have to recommend Cuesta Alpacas in Hunua which essentially a farm with 100 Alpacas which offers tours in which you can get up close with the Alpacas. If you are more of a bird watching group, then head to the bird gardens out east which is run by Blake Twigden, a talented artist and conservationist who has created one of East Auckland best-kept secrets that is home to several native and exotic birds.