A Leap of Faith: Bungy Jumping In Auckland


A Leap of Faith: Bungy Jumping In Auckland

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Farlab, The no. 8 wire fence, Pavalova, Russell Crow – these are things other countries have tried to claim from us, despite originally being invented here in New Zealand, and one other thing you may not know was originally from New Zealand is the Bungy jump, and Auckland contains one of the originals and many more for adrenaline junkies to experience!

Harbour Bridge Jump

AJ Hackett is the father of Bungy Jumping, He made bungee jumping famous, when he did the infamous Bungy jump from the Eiffel Tower in 1987, and founded the first commercial Bungy site in 1988. Now owning many of the Bungy sites across New Zealand, one of the most popular is off one of Auckland landmarks – The Harbour Bridge, which is currently the only way to experience the Auckland Harbour Bridge by foot.  Climb under, around, up and over the bridge on this 1.5hour personally guided tour with extensive commentary. Custom engineered walkways provide a safe, enjoyable and easy-going experience which includes a 360-degree view of Auckland from the summit. This specific Bungy Jump is New Zealand’s only ocean touch – touch it, get dunked – it’s up to you! Equipped to offer ever Bungy Jump option, ankle tie, harness jump, tandem -You name it, they can do it.

Transport is easily provided with a custom bus running patrons to and from the city from various locations in the city; also a few minutes’ walk from the location includes many cafes and restaurants along the sprawling waterfront.

Sky Jump

Auckland just loves having people jump off its landmarks, and one of our most iconic landmarks is the Sky Tower, and as you may have guessed, yes, you can jump off it!

A little different to Bungy jumping, the Sky Jump is described as Base Jumping while attached to a wire, You’ll fall very fast (approx. 85kph) for around 11 seconds, and then come to a smooth landing in Sky City plaza below. The experience has been awarded a certificate of excellence by Trip Advisor, and you’ll be given a certificate of completion at the bottom! The sky tower also offers a beautiful dining experience at the very top to reward yourself at later, and with taxi stands and bus stops directly outside, getting to and from the location is a breeze!